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All About Kerri Deitsch

Rollergirls Unite - Kerri Deitsch 

In 2020, Kerri Deitsch Rollergirl was created when every single day of going to skate at the park she would meet a new girl and wanted to find a way to keep them all connected.  So, she decided to turn her shared interest into an official Roller skating website!  I have met so many great girls along this journey - I felt like I wanted a place to share it all.  If you decide to join me, you will have a quick way to stay in the loop and we can see what to wear tonight! But- most importantly, belong to a community of people who are just as passionate as you are.

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Kerri Deitsch Welcomes You

Have fun!  Move and Roll along!

Welcome!   We invite you to explore and learn more about Roller Skating, upcoming events and activities. We are always planning something new and exciting, and hope you’ll join us!